Why it is important to let go of someone who is only “halfway in it”

Letting go can be difficult. Especially when you are uncertain if it is the right decision.  (This is in reference to relationships and feelings that are often not mutual)

Here are five positive things that will happen by choosing to end a relationship with a significant other who is often times hard to read, makes you feel uncertain about what he or she really wants out of it, and plays more mind games with you than anything….it is time to hop off the emotional rollercoaster.

  1. CLOSURE- By allowing yourself to let go of what is holding heavy in the back of your mind and heart it is allowing you to have closure within yourself. When you willingly make the decision to let someone go, you are choosing to move on. It is an action you have decided to do on your own, so the chance of it working is more likely. The only time a person can change is when they want that change for his or herself.
  2. REALITY VS FANTASY- So often we over work a situation in our head. What I mean by this is, we take a piece of reality and imagine it the way we want to see it. We often twist reality to fit our own personal desires, something that only leads to disappoint in the end. It is important to remember that our reality is not their reality. If you shared the same wants the relationship would be more steady, but you don’t and that is why you find yourself on the rollercoaster of emotions you are so often on. By letting go, you are allowing your mind space to find a new reality with room for someone else.
  3. RESPECT- By ending something with someone who doesn’t value you and your actions towards them you are letting yourself know you respect yourself. Nothing is more attractive than a person who is confident and knows the value of their self worth. If you can recognize it other people will too. Once you higher your standards for yourself you will attract people worthy of those standards.
  4. FOCUS- When people are not in a mutual relationship, the person with stronger feelings often has the other person on their mind. They could go all day thinking about different situations and fantasizing about possible outcomes. What about that text you sent to him/her the other day? It has been three days and still no reply. You cant stop thinking about why? Just a week ago they reaffirmed their feelings for you so wouldn’t that mean they would want to respond? What if they started seeing someone else? What if what they said wasn’t true? Why is it that the most time spent with that person is usually when they are under the influence? All these questions run rapid through your mind while they probably aren’t thinking about it at all. This causes skewed thoughts and visions. How can you possibly focus on work, school, and other relationships when the majority of your thoughts are consumed by someone not even deserving of your time? How frustrating. By letting go, you are allowing yourself to regain focus on your own life and set your priorities straight. “Why jump oceans for someone who won’t even jump puddles for you”.
  5. OPENING YOUR HEART- When you let go, you are making room for someone new. It may take a lot of time and you will never find someone who completely fills the space in your heart that you hold for him or her BUT it has been said that you “never love the same way twice”. I believe this is true. You never will be able to replace a person with another person. Physically maybe, but not mentally. Imagine the love you could have for someone who gives you their all, if you were able to hold love for someone who only gave you 50% that easily? It may take a while but that is okay. Nature is beautiful. The key to nature? It is patient. Human beings are a form of nature. We too, are beautiful. The key to us? Patience.

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