LIFESTYLE: Brunch Essentials

Hi guys,

It super sunny and warm here in New Jersey! Perfect weather to enjoy outside brunch and work on the blog! I took advantage of every free second I had today to put towards new ideas for this blog as well as my work with CollegeFashionista! I have some really great things coming up that I think you will enjoy!

I opted to stay home for brunch rather than go out for the sake of saving time and convenience. Lunch consisted of avocado, lots of veggies cooked over the stove with coconut oil and breaded chicken topped with mozzarella…mmmmm is right! SUPER DELICIOUS.

Now! of course, life can’t be all work and no play! So in-between lunch and working on some new ideas for future posts, I treated myself to a pedicure outside on my deck while I read Blog Inc. for a second time! Reading this book once just wasn’t good enough for me! You can purchase the book here, where you will find awesome tips about starting a blog and managing your blog. My sunnies of choice can be purchased here and a similar scarf to the Marc Jacobs one shown (which is currently sold out) can be purchased here! As for my pedicure, I chose the and Essie nail polish called Chinchilly which can be purchased here. The ring I’m wearing (not shown) can be purchased online from here! My hat is from the brand Cappelli, I could not find a direct link for you guys but I’m sure there are similar ones out there.

If you like my blog be sure to check back soon for a new post and follow me on Instagram @alexafanella

IMG_0201IMG_0202IMG_0194 IMG_0188


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